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Wieliczka Speleochamber

Speleo Chamber Wieliczka

Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy is a physical, non invasive, drug free and safe additional therapy.

Speleo Chamber Wieliczka
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Europeans have long known that just staying in naturally occurring salt caves could help relieve many respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, coughs, sinusitis and stress.


Salt Bricks

Natural Solution for Additional Treatment of Asthma, Allergies, COPD, Sinusitis and Many Other Respiratory Diseases and Aliments

Salt Creation

Artificial microclimate of a salt mine without any side effects !

Iris Salt Rooms

We are a supplier of new and natural therapeutic spas for additional treatment of respiratory ailments.

Since 2007 we have been dedicated to provide our clients with the on time delivery and best service.

Innovative salon spa equipment offers perfect extension to your already existing spa or new profitable business enterprise

We specialize in building salt therapy rooms equipped with our patented, state of the art dry salt aerosol generator (Halogenerators), using scientific and engineering solutions to reproduce the atmosphere of naturally occurring salt mines and caves.


Our company Iris Salt Rooms, which also operates the Genuine Salt Therapy Spa Iris Wellbeing in Kitchener (Ontario, Canada), is able to build similar salt therapy Spas in any place that customer desires. Our salt therapy caves deliver healing power of salt and the ocean to places where customer can come any time of the year.

We are able to change any client's desired location into an attractive and comfortable place, similar to an original cave rich in therapeutic and esthetic characteristics, a place of healing, comfort and attraction for visitors.

Halotherapy, Dry Saline Aerosol Additional Therapy has been developed on the basis of Speleotherapy.


The beneficial health effects of the microclimate of salt mines have been known for centuries. Even before they were first described in a book published by a Polish physician Feliks Boczkowski in 1843. Since then, the practice of bringing patients with respiratory diseases down to the salt mines for healing spread throughout Europe, and it has become a standard feature of Spa treatment of respiratory diseases.

Halotherapy and its devices
(Dry Saline Generators):

In the 1980s Eastern European scientists began to build Halotherapy chambers that re-created in clinics and other above ground facilities the microclimate of salt mines (underground natural healing rock salt chambers). These Halo (salt) chambers have floors and walls lined with rock salt (halite). Patients sit in the Halo chamber (salt therapy room) for 45 minutes per session while music and aesthetical, natural environment creates a relaxed mood that promotes healing.
Dry Saline Generators are certified as medical devices in European countries, and are in use throughout Europe, and are starting to spread to North America with increasing intensity.

Halotherapy provides prophylactic and restorative health maintenance, alleviating respiratory ailments and providing improvement of the immune system, in a natural, comfortable and relaxing way.

For centuries people believed in the physical and mental healing powers of hot springs. The practice of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters dates at least to the Babylonians and Greeks. In the 19th century, Europe's great spas were destinations to "take the waters." Water treatments are still considered the heart of the spa experience in Europe. Today massages and facials are by far the most popular spa treatments in America. Now comes the next step in the quest for holistic health improvement: Salt Therapy Rooms - Halotherapy.

“For over 25 years I had serious sinus problems which caused breathing difficulties, stress and fatigue. I tried to heal with the help of a physician but his intervention was unable to cure my condition.
As a last resort I was advised to schedule a laser surgery (which could not guarantee me permanent positive results), as I was assured that there is no other way to deal with my discomfort. Then I found out about Halotherapy.
After several sessions in the Iris salt room I felt my condition started to improve. The air passages in both of my nostrils cleared, and the polyps in my nose disappeared. After several more sessions I could breathe in a way equivalent to an average, healthy individual – for the first time in 25 years!
In fact, I cancelled my appointment for the surgery. I can now breathe freely on daily basis, eat without discomfort and get a good night’s sleep. What a relief! Thank You Iris Wellbeing"
- Boris M.

What patients get from
visiting salt therapy rooms?

  • Relieve from chronic pulmonary diseases (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis).
  • Relieve from allergies affecting ENT (ear- nose-throat) and diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis.
  • Abatement of bronchial inflammation.
  • Removal of airborne pollen particles from airways.
  • Strengthening of immune system that decreases allergic reaction to pollens.
  • Cleansing and sanitation of the airways.
  • Speeded up mucociliary transport.
  • Improvement of heart and vascular problems (especially in combination with lung diseases).
  • Cleansing of airways from harmful airborne and tobacco smoke particles.
  • Prevention and treatment of common cold and flu.
  • Improvement of dermatological disorders (acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, and cellulite).
  • Revitalization and cleansing effect on the skin - through increased activity of skin cell ion channels.
  • Abatement of vegetative nervous system disorders.
  • Relieve from chronicle fatigue overstrain and depression.
  • Better sleep.
  • Elimination of snoring.

Halotherapy: Important Facts:

In clinical trials, Halotherapy (science of re-creating in above ground facilities the microclimate of salt mines) has shown to confer significant benefits in the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases and ailments.

Halotherapy enjoys many advantages. Unlike certain other physical therapies. Halotherapy is inherently plausible and a very effective method in treating most of respiratory diseases.

Now, that dry saline aerosol therapy has climbed out of the salt mines and gained momentum as a subject of scientific investigation and practical application, potential critics have a much harder time dismissing it. Halotherapy appears to be an excellent microbicide and mucokinetic/expectorant (promoting or facilitating the secretion or expulsion of phlegm, mucus, or other matter from the respiratory tract). Halotherapy is an inexpensive and definitely cheaper and more convenient than Speleotherapy (underground natural salt healing chambers) and much cheaper than some competing drugs.

Halotherapy’s ability to perform as an adjuvant therapy in virtually all respiratory diseases makes it especially valuable. It also possesses untapped potential as a source of maintaining health and prevent the spread of diseases, invigoration and relaxation for healthy people.

Is it necessary to cover walls of salt therapy rooms with natural salt?

Salt coverings of Halotherapy chamber surfaces is performed chiefly to deliver negative ion environment (like water falls, pine forests, ocean and sea shores). Another major reason is to deliver an aesthetic function for stress reduction, which is a powerful psychological effect contributing to healing.

Surfaces covered with natural salt - due to its natural properties - contribute to maintaining temperature, humidity (Hygroscopic properties of natural salt - ability of a substance to attract water molecules from the surrounding environment through either absorption or adsorption) and hypobacterial (almost sterile) conditions, but only if it is in sufficient quantity (for a given volume of a room).

Mass of salt covering surfaces absorbs noise, resulting in quiet environment.

In addition, natural rock salt environment creates an atmosphere of peace, safety and comfort (forest, see side, waterfall). That removes the patients from their habitual interiors. This also positively influences the nervous system and psycho-somatic and emotional sphere, contributing immensely to the healing process.

It does not matter of which salt surfaces are made. Only the factor of ecological purity should be considered.

Please, consider the fact that if no salt covering of walls is present (salt covering of surfaces contributes to sterile environment as explained above) in a room equipped with dry saline generator, some other methods of disinfection device would be required like UV-Light. Patients breathe out microbes that may affect others.

Is it necessary to use Dry Saline Generator (Halogenerator) in a salt therapy room which surfaces are covered with salt?

Concentration of 3-5 mg of particles of minerals per (1 cubic-meter) (35.314667 cuFt), with breathable particles (1-5 micro-meters)/ (0.000118” - 0.000197”) is absolutely necessary for creating right healing Halotherapy environment.
This factor has been investigated by experts and is very well known. It has been proven that this concentration of minerals has a critical importance for therapeutic action in the respiratory tract.

It is the dry salt aerosol that protects the air of the underground Speleo (natural salt mine) - healing chambers. It keeps it sterile and amicrobic (not caused by or related to microbes). So in order to re-create this microclimate in artificially created Halotherapy chambers all surfaces are covered with salt and dry saline aerosol is delivered by Halogenerator (Dry Saline Aerosol Generator).

In naturally occurring Speleo chambers, such an atmosphere (as described above) is created only when thousands of square meters (tens of thousands of square feet) of natural rock salt contact the air, or when a Halogenerator (Dry Saline Generator) is used with combination with chambers which surfaces are covered with salt.

Due to obvious reasons, it is impossible to reproduce such healing methods of generating aerosol and negative air ions I right concentrations under limited space conditions of a single room. Therefore it is necessary to use special equipment that is capable of creating proper therapeutic conditions.

A Dry Saline Aerosol Generator is a device that produces and supplies aerosol of dry natural rock salt to a room in a required quantity. Only that way created dry salt aerosol environment ensures therapeutic effects and maintains necessary sterile environment.

Our salt therapy rooms in addition to Halotherapy provide other complementary therapies:

Color therapy:

Colors interact with the human energy system in a unique way to stabilize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.


By applying pressure to the points on the feet reflexology removes blockages and relieves pain, thereby relieving stress, tension, and organ congestion throughout the body. Our salt room floors will do it for you, while walking on them.

Sound therapy:

As a source of energy, sound is an effective tool to help restore balance in the body, alleviate pain and accelerate healing.

Salt therapy is not new.

We are all familiar with the salt air pipe inhalers (also known as salt pipes) which are a convenient, drug free and non invasive devices for enjoying the benefits of dry salt air therapy. And also with salt aerosol used for irrigating and cleansing chronic and acute wounds.

Usage of saline solution (salt dissolved in water) for sinus irrigation has been used by Ayurveda practitioners for thousands of years. Similarly to breathing ionized, bacterial free salt air in natural salt mines.